CoD Black Ops

    Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been addicted to CoD. Overall this is an excellent FPS which has fixed most issues associated with the others; this is not a review but simply a recognition of the few areas needing improvement in the game.

 A typo?
1. Spawning
    The very first thing that comes to mind is the first thing that happens to many people who jump into a match in progress: spawn killing. This game has some serious issues when it comes to people literally spawning within the sights of an enemy ready to shoot. This is probably the worst game I have ever played when it comes to this aspect. However there is word that the devs are working on this and should be fixed by the time the first patch comes out.

2. RC Car
    The RC-XD in itself isn't a problem and in fact is a fun way to rack up kills; the only problem is everyone uses it. Because it's a 3 kill perk it's way over used and starts giving the opponents an undeserved feeling that the map has now become 1 big cluster fuck. The solution to this would be to maybe make it a 4-5 killstreak perk, leveling the amount of people that choose it over say a counter-spy plane.

3. The Knife
     Just like in previous games it's a 1 hit kill that for some reason is faster then the speed of light. At this point in the CoD series it's becoming the most cheap, and unrealistic characteristic of the game. After pumping 5-6 shots in an enemy, if he's within arms reach...you're dead.

4. Drop Shots
    Greatly improved over other games in the series where enemies would magically reappear on the floor where they should be standing; this CoD has not completely eliminated it yet. It takes a longer time compared to others to go completely to the floor but drop shotting is a regular occurrence in this game.

    Despite my 4 points of negative feedback this game is DEFINITELY worth your money if you're into FPS's. I personally hated CoD until this game (I am extremely fed up with WW2 games being the only games on the market, and MW2 just being a glorified Counterstrike). This games attempt at originality (but yes I know there are more Vietnam games out there) is for sure better then the others and really the only good Cold War era game for sale.


Voter Time

    Hello everyone, sorry for a few days without posts. Since elections are right around the corner I figure it's a good idea to share political ideology quizzes. Many people see the election as "right vs. left" without giving any real thought to the issues at hand.

Here are my picks for the best political quizzes I could find:

1. GoToQuiz - Did a pretty good job of determining how much freedoms you would like to enjoy
2. Smallest Political Quiz - This is the ideal format for such a quiz however it failed to bring up many other important topics (ex: guns, abortion, immigration)
3. Political Compass - I really wouldn't say this is the best just because of how stupid some of the questions are phrased but this is one of the more popular quizzes of its type.

    Personally I am Libertarian and damned proud of it. I feel that no one has the authority to tell others how to live their lives (so long as it doesn't harm others). And though it may sound extremely controversial I do often argue that Republicans and Democrats are the same, and America has been (recently) functioning as a 1 party system called "Big Government...How Do You Want It?". I say this on the basis that the only thing either side has really managed to accomplish is building a bigger federal system. Thoughts?

Also check out the poll on the side of my blog- "Which way would you prefer to vote?"

I'll leave you with this:

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it." ~ Thomas Jefferson


Would You Post If...

    Hello everyone, seeing as we are all bloggers and can relate to posting original content online for similar purposes I would like to ask for your input on the questions I am about to ask:

• If you had loads of extremely informative original content not found anywhere easily accessible online would you publish it?
• Yes you would, but what if it were of illegal subject matter providing detailed "how to's" on the proliferation of certain substances?

    My question for anyone who might have insight is would you do it with the possibility that feds could get involved? I honestly do not know the legalities of posting information any more explicit that what you might find on Erowid, but I do know the website in question would get plenty of hits. I am as a matter of fact refraining from posting great material on this blog just because of the potential I see in owning my own domain.

    I don't know if the reason why my content is so original is because noone else, with similar skills, has the means to publish them online or because anyone who has tried has been scrutinized. Again, any information would be greatly appreciated in helping me understand what I may or may not be getting myself into. Thank you all.

For reference: None of the above questions have any relation to pornographic material, or illegal "art" works...


Society's Ways of Getting What You Want

  We all have our specific goals in life and most of those directly relate to the pursuit of money. So today I would like to share with you my sociology notes regarding Robert Merton's Strain Theory. The theory states that we all have similar goals to make money however some people may not have the means to do so which leads people to obtaining what they want through 4 methods.

1. Innovation - The first way is innovation, making bank the way the system never taught you. Often this is associated with crime; drug dealing, robbery and racketeering are the first that come to mind.

2. Ritualism - This method makes significantly less cash than the other logical solutions, however the key to ritualism is replacing monetary value with the knowledge you hold. Think of any damn bureaucrat, they probably don't make shit but could tell you a lot about how they do their jobs.

3. Retreatism - Based on the name you might have reached the conclusion that this is someone who has completely given up and renounced societies values...Think of a hermit

No...I said "Hermit"...

4. Rebellion - These people too reject the values, however instead of retreating, they oppose the rules and become the forces that drive society. An example would be the hippy counter-culture, not that everyone who is rebellious are starting riots but they do try to change the current playing field so they too can have an equal chance.


One Step Ahead of the Game

There are a few sites that I regularly visit that are consistently ahead of the curve in their given subjects.

Rap Basement -
   Rap Basement is a great place to get an idea of what is going to be the next big hip hop song to hit radios and MTV. It is also an excellent resource to find up and coming artists just starting their rap careers. Of course not everything that is featured online will be big on radios but it's still a reliable source for new music.

Above Top Secret - 
   Above Top Secret is a conspiracy theory website so of course you're going to see a lot of crazy people warning us the world will end tomorrow. Once you look past that you begin to see a website that has news before the mainstream media. ATS is always on top of unconstitutional police actions before televised media has decided whether or not to cover it. (Examples include unfair home invasions and unjust police shootings). Even big stories have been covered before the mainstream media; BP for example, ATS was truly the source with breaking coverage regarding the spill and the shady actions of BP attempting to get away with it. ATS is a great place to visit looking for issues important to you, they cover a broad spectrum of topics so most anyone can share an interest.

Wikileaks -
   By now almost everyone has heard about the war files uploaded to this controversial site. As expected the government would want to shut this website down, after all it's nothing more than a giant whistle blower to the American government. However it has every reason to remain online; it gives the general populous a way to police the police, how else are we supposed to find out about government corruption.


Classic Game Remakes


 Good news for Perfect Dark fans, the original game has been ported over to Xbox Live Marketplace for 800points aka $10.
 I have it and really enjoy it (considering I never had N64, only PS1), it's an exact remake; nothing fancy has been added besides online co-op / multiplayer. Graphics have been slightly upgraded but the mechanics are fundamentally the same, aside from controls. The controls have been greatly improved with the addition of a second joystick, so it plays like your average Halo or C.o.D.

 On the other hand we have Goldeneye... Often regarded to be the best FPS ever, it has finally been given the "go ahead" to be remade. Unfortunately it's not being "ported" in the traditional sense, instead they're planning on remaking it from scratch and adding all kinds of crazy new stuff.
  Remember the last time they said they were going to do that? They turned out an epic piece of crap called Goldeneye: Rogue Agent; initially supposed to be some sort of follow up to the original it quickly turned into a forgettable pile of shit.
  The worst part about this newest remake is that it's only for Wii... the console with the smallest online gaming network. You'd think a game like this would need XBL or PSN to survive, but apparently Eurocom (Developer) feels too high and mighty for the majority of us.

Just a side note: I am not a fan boy, I own all 3 systems, I didn't base this off of jealousy.


9 Most Useful Firefox Aps

In no particular order I present to you the apps I couldn't live without.

1. FoxyProxy - For all the brothas out there this app can be useful to hide behind. You can even use it here if you know what I mean. And if you don't know what I mean then don't worry about it, this might not be useful to you.

2. ReloadEvery - This app refreshes the page at any interval you specify, great for use in forums, ebay and anything you need to keep up to date with.

3. IE Tab - Some pages just don't look the same in Firefox as they might in Internet Explorer, so instead of closing 1 browser to open another and double check the compatibility of a web page you could just click this little button and view things from a different perspective.

4. Download Helper - Hear a song / see a video you like but can't find a download button for it? Look no longer, DL Helper finds embedded media and makes it extremely easy to download, in fact the only thing I've found it doesn't work on is Pandora.

5. Screengrab - "Prt Scr" is a keyboard button that copies an image of whatever your monitor is seeing, this is kind of like that but better. It can save the entire web page without having to scroll down taking multiple screen shots every so often. This is great for students taking online tests...just email your answers to a friend an spare them the time...but I swear I've never done that.

6. Greasemonkey - This is like the app that supports mini apps. Average people write scripts wherever some small tweak is needed to enhance browsing experiences. Imagine this as a platform to find amazing 3rd party apps.

7. FEBE - This app creates a backup of every other apps' data that you have installed in Firefox, simply so you don't loose them.

8. NoScript and 9. Adblock Plus - Between these 2 apps I have eliminated almost every ad that I've come across on the web, saving time to access web pages and saving me frustration about hearing that I won another damn free Apple iPod...These are extremely easy to use; see an ad, right click, and never see any other ad from that server ever again.

These apps make the internet damn near perfect to browse. Hope y'all enjoy!


Odly Disturbing Things I Found In A Friend's Basement

In this one look above the "5"...wtf???

yeah i know right, who would make a jar that says "vyagra", and better yet who would buy it???

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